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Product introduction:
¢Ù The inside nominal diameters of HF series of minitype high pressure hose assembly and PT series of minitype pmu adaptor are both 3mm, the maximum working pressure is 64 Mpa; working mediums are: mineral oil, water-ethylene alcohol, alcohol, gasoline, oil water emultion. They are to be used in the system for measuring the pressures at different spots or used as conducting pipeline of liquid medium. Proper working temperature: -70¡æ ~ +260¡æ£»maximum dynamical stress: 40Mpa; minimum bursting pressure: 160 Mpa; minimum bending radius: 30mm.
¢Ú PTB series of pmu device is to be used for measuring the pressures at different spots of the system. It consists of hose assembly and shockproof pressure gage. When measuring the pressures at different spot of the common system, it is necessary to install pressure gage and pressure gage switches at each pressure spot. To use pmu device, pmu adaptors must be installed at each pressure spot in the system. When measuring the pressures, the oil flows through the pmu adaptor and hose assembly to the pressure gage, therefore, the pipeline is simplified.